Strategic Imperatives

The following are the bedrock principles we adhere to as an organization, and will guide all our efforts.

  1. Peer-to-peer relationships, the fundamental value of EO, will continue to be a cornerstone of our organizational culture. The value delivered to members will exceed perceived and real member expectations in a direct relationship to chapter and global dues paid, and EO’s allocation of resources will reflect the strategic intent to deliver member value through its products and services.
  1. EO will alway be, at its core, a peer-based learning organization focused on personalized experience gained from a range of offerings at the local, regional and global levels which allows for growth and development.
  1. EO will serve the member through an experience, which honors and respects the totality of an entrepreneur’s life to include: family, business, community, health and wellness.
  1. EO embraces diversity and will be a truly global organization, present in all societies where entrepreneurs live and work, which respects different culture, leverages our regional strengths and reflects diversity in its governance structure.
  1. EO and its members will continuously innovate, research and develop new customized products and services and support those which will deliver enhanced value to its members and allow it to be a cutting edge learning organization.
  1. Governance is organized to balance the needs of local and regional considerations in conjunction with Global in order to ensure the delivery of optimal value to all members.
  1. Quality growth rather than growth alone will be a hallmark of our recruitment activities.
  1. EO will establish and protect its brand in a way that solidified its role as the most credible and respected entrepreneurial organization in the world and EO will have a communications plan which reached every member electronically and traditionally with depth, clarity and transparency.
  1. EO will have the most professional and competent staff available in the market to serve the members needs of the organization.
  1. At all levels, EO is a member-led organization that seeks to identify, engage and empower its leaders.


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