Demystifying Forum for SLP’s

Zoom Call

Are you a spouse or life partner of an EO member and still wondering what happens during the 4 hours of forum a month? Than this is for you! During these 90 minutes, trainer Katty Douraghy will demystify Forum and give spouses and life-partners (SLP's) an understanding of Forum and all of the benefits that […]

Pro level Cookie Baking /Decorating Training

Zoom Call

Grab your kids and have some fun together as a family! Devin Brittian, owner of Bella Delites, is a master baker and cookie decorator! She will personally drop off cookie dough with all kinds of toppings to mix in, along with sugar cookies and decorating supplies! Then over zoom, we will mix our custom dough […]

Forum Moderator Training

Zoom Call

Forum trained members, do you want to be moderator trained? Phil Kristianson will be leading a virtual moderator training from 9AM - 5PM with members from EO Sacramento and across the country. If you are a moderator elect, this is a great time to get your moderator training in before your term starts! Want to […]

EO West Test Drive

Zoom Call

Have you been wondering what EO is all about if it is right for you? Take a test drive! You won't regret it. At this virtual test drive you'll have the opportunity to meet EO members in your area and learn about how EO supports entrepreneurs. This is not the time to go at it […]

The Courage to Be Disliked

What are the skeletons in your closet? The greater our success, the farther we have to fall. The thought of “losing it all” can lead to secrecy, shame, and fear-based decision making.  How well have you navigated your personal and professional scandals and crises? Did you recover, reinvent yourself, and forgive yourself and others? Or […]

All Chapter Forum | Save the Date

The annual All Chapter Forum is scheduled for May 27, 2021. This event will replace your May Forum meeting! More details coming soon. See you there!